Zahns Corner Becomes First AEP Certified Industrial Site in Ohio

Zahn's Corner AEP certified site

Zahns Corner Industrial Park in Waverly is the first industrial site in Ohio to be certified by the AEP Quality Site Program. The certification is an advantage that can be used to market the park to site selectors, helping to attract new business and wealth to the region.

The Southern Ohio Development Initiative (SODI) worked with Piketon consulting firm Wastren Advantage, Inc. (WAI) to see the project through to completion. The certification process, which began about two years ago, was extensive and included an ALTA survey and title work; environmental reviews and clearances for wetlands, streams, endangered species, and archeological/historical resources; and preliminary engineering to demonstrate feasible building layouts, utility extensions and rail spur construction.

Certification assures site selectors that there are no impediments to development, saving time and money and increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome for their clients. “Expanding businesses and their site selection consultants do not want to spend time and money trying to find out if a site is suitable for development,” said project manager Jennifer Chandler of WAI. “When looking for a location, they prefer sites that have been certified by a reputable organization to be project-ready.”

It is hoped that the AEP industrial park certification will get Zahns Corner noticed by new or expanding businesses that would be a good fit for the region. “We have a beautiful facility and park that needs to be filled,” said Steven L. Shepherd, Executive Director of SODI. “Having the AEP certification is great for the region. We’re very excited about the opportunities it brings.”

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