Water Availability

We’ve got water. Lots and LOTS of water.

In addition to wells and ground water, Southern Ohio also benefits from an underground aquifer system, called the Teays (pronounced “tays”) Valley Aquifer.

  • A major source of ground water in south-central Ohio is the unconsolidated aquifer Drop of water graphiccomposed of coarse-grained sand and gravel.
  • This highly permeable aquifer is found in the Scioto River valley, as well as portions of the Deer Creek, Paint Creek, and North Fork Paint Creek valleys.
  • These types of aquifers form as the result of glacial outwash. Under much of the Scioto River is a buried valley aquifer, so-called because it resulted from the filling of the pre-glacial Teays River valley.
  • This aquifer provides some of the state’s most abundant groundwater supplies. As an example, Scioto County Regional Water District Number 1, better known as “Water I,” gets its water from nine wells which are supplied by the Teays Valley Aquifer. Water 1 serves 20,000 consumers and sell bulk water to Northwest Regional Water which also serves about 20,000 consumers. Its annual pumpage is over one billion gallons.
Thicknes of Quaternary deposits in southern ohio map

Southern Ohio Aquifer Quaternary deposits

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