Employer Assistance

Assistance in Identifying, Screening and Training Employees

Ohio knows that talent is a key component of any economic development effort. As part of the State of Ohio’s commitment to growing business in the state, it has created a statewide program called OhioMeansJobs which matches prospective employers and employees using the Monster recruitment platform.

OhioMeansJobs also operates on-site facilities throughout the state and the region, providing
the following types of services to employers:

  • Job Fairs
  • Education/Career FairsOhioMeansJobsLogo
  • On-site job placement services
  • Career Planning and Counseling
  • Coordination with other professionals
  • Resume Development & Job Search Assistance
  • Worker Orientation to Services
  • Unemployment Benefits Workshops
"We found highly qualified, skilled workers right out of the gate."