Target Industries

Manufacturing and Technology Drive Our Economy

The Southern Ohio region of Jackson, Pike, Ross and Scioto Counties has a very strong history of manufacturing, due to its prime location on the Ohio River and Inframetals crane with barge Ohio Riverrailway lines. These assets still play a key role in the region’s economic success, nurturing a range of manufacturing operations.

The building of the 4,000+ acre Gaseous Diffusion Plant in the 1950s drew thousands of highly-educated engineers and technicians to Southern Ohio. This specialized, well-trained workforce has generated many start-ups and complementary businesses over the years, and the region still enjoys a large pool of professional and technical talent today.

Many companies have also chosen to have their headquarters or regional offices in the region, providing high visibility and also good north-south and east-west highway access.

The Southern Ohio region’s target industries include:

"We found highly qualified, skilled workers right out of the gate."