A worker assembles exhaust units in Chillicothe at the Riffle Machine Works expansion that was completed in 2011.

An estimated 37,000 Ohio workers make goods incorporated into motor vehicles. Ohio is home to nearly 10% of all North American Tier-1 Automotive suppliers, totaling nearly 350 businesses. Across the Southern Ohio region, manufacturers such as YSK, OSCO, Vitatoe Industries, Kirchoff Automotive, and Riffle Machine Works manufacture parts for motor vehicles ranging from Honda to Kenworth. The region’s easy access to both northern and southern automotive facilities make Southern Ohio an ideal location for your automotive facility. Ohio is also home to cutting-edge R&D facilities including the Ohio State University Center for Automotive Research and Honda R&D of America.

Representative Automotive Sector Employers
Employer Description Location Approx. # Employees in Region
Consolidated Metco, Inc. Truck interior components Chillicothe, Ohio 85
Kenworth Manufacturer of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks Chillicothe, Ohio 2215
MHC Kenworth Road Ready Center Truck aftermarket services; NG conversion Chillicothe, Ohio 85
Riffle Machine Works, Inc. Truck components, 3PL Chillicothe, Ohio 205
Van-Rob, Inc./Kirchoff Automotive Global Tier 1 automotive supplier Waverly, Ohio 200
Vitatoe Industries, Inc. Truck and aircraft maintenance, components, and paint Chillicothe, Ohio 90
YSK Corp. Automotive suspension, engine, and wheel components Chillicothe, Ohio 240


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