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Geo-Tech Polymers, Piketon, OH

Geo-Tech Polymers, Piketon, OH

Ohio is ranked first in the nation for polymer industry output. Nearly 9% of all U.S. polymer industry jobs are located in Ohio. Appalachian Ohio continues to be a leader in the polymer industry and the region is making a name for itself as the “second polymer valley.”  

Southern Ohio is home to multiple chemical and polymer manufacturers. Spurred by the availability of a trained workforce and Shawnee State University’s Plastics engineering program, polymer manufacturers across the region are growing. Your company can, too!


Hadsell Chemicals II

Hadsell Chemical pharmaceutical milling, Piketon, OH


Representative Polymer & Chemical Industry Employers
Employer Description Location Approx. # Employees in Region
AluChem Processes tabular alumina Jackson, Ohio 53
Geo-Tech Polymers Specialized plastics recycler Waverly, Ohio 30
Hadsell Chemical Processing Chemical packaging, tolling, milling & processing Waverly, Ohio 15


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