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OSCO Industries

The Southern Ohio region is home to foundries, precious metal refining, and basic metal products industries. Virtually every step in the production and fabrication of metals and metal products can be found in here. Between 13 and 17 million tons of raw steel were poured annually in Ohio most years during the last decade; this typically ranged between 14 to 16 percent of total U.S. output, and consistently ranked Ohio second in the nation. Ten companies on Fortune magazine’s U.S.- or Global 500 lists have iron and steel industry establishments in Ohio; two of them – AK Steel and Timken – maintain their world headquarters here.

Representative Southern Ohio Employers
Employer Description Location Approx. # Employees in Region
AluChem Processes tabular alumina Jackson, Ohio 53
Elemetal Refining Precious metals refining Jackson, Ohio 128
Infra-Metals Structural steel New Boston, Ohio 60
OSCO Industries, Inc. Gray iron foundry specializing in green sand and shell molding Portsmouth, New Boston, and Jackson, Ohio 170
Sun Coke Energy Coke for steel mill blast furnaces Franklin Furnace/ Haverhill, Ohio 160


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