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Thousands of Engineers and Ph.D.’s + Southern Ohio = Formula for Innovation

It might surprise you to learn that the Southern Ohio region has a large number of engineers and Ph.D.’s, largely due to the presence of the Gaseous Diffusion Plant. Many came to the region to work at the “A-Plant” and wanted to stay. Other innovators were born here and started successful companies requiring the skilled workforce that the region has in abundance. Learn how the strong manufacturing legacy of the region, its natural resources, transportation assets, and most of all – its educated and innovative workforce  – make Southern Ohio the place to prosper.

Here are some of the innovative companies that call Southern Ohio home.

  • AluChem, Inc. manufactures specialty alumina products. Their Southern Ohio facility has enough capacity to dry over 35,000 tons of products each year.
  • Geo-Tech Polymers is the nation’s leading supplier of solutions that transform low-value plastics waste into high-quality products for financial and environmental benefit. Geo-Tech pioneered a mechanical cleaning process that adds value to customers’ plastics byproducts by processing the waste and returning to each customer material of unprecedented quality.
  • Hadsell Chemical Processing provides turn-key compounding, chemical tolling, chemical processing, chemical milling, chemical blending, and chemical packaging services for companies around the globe. The company provides a cost effective production facility for multinational companies to manufacture their chemical compounds.
  • InfoSight Corporation is a manufacturer of industrial marking machines, metal tags, metal tag printers, barcode readers, and custom machinery for manual and automatic identification and traceability applications worldwide.
  • InSolves (Innovative Solutions Unlimited) is an agile team of project leaders, scientists, technicians and fabricators that possesses specialized knowledge and capabilities not readily accessible in industry. Experience related to multiple enrichment technologies, expertise concerning security systems and safeguards, superior knowledge of analytical methods, and well-equipped facilities to design and manufacture specialized instruments, process equipment, and measurement fixtures provide the potential for effective solutions to difficult problems.
  • Elemetal Refining (formerly Ohio Precious Metals) refines metals for a wide range of customers. It developed many of its modern refining practices and perfected its pyro metallurgical, mechanical and chemical refining circuit in-house.
  • Wastren Advantage, Inc. provides waste management, environmental services, decontamination and decommissioning, and facility management and operations to commercial and federal clients.
  • Zebu Compliance Solutions (formerly YEI Healthcare) provides medical necessity, coding, compliance, and revenue checking products for the healthcare industry.  

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