Southern Ohio Is Your Transportation Hub

Shipping raw materials in or finished goods out? Choose from rail, truck, air or barge: Southern Ohio has your solution.


A public-private partnership recently invested $290 million to expand capacity, improve service consistency, and reduce transit times along the Norfolk Southern Heartland Corridor – which goes through the Southern Ohio region on its way from Norfolk, Virginia to Columbus Ohio and through to Chicago, Illinois.

In Columbus, the Norfolk Southern is part of the Rickenbacker Global Logistics Park, which is part of the Rickenbacker Inland Port.  The Logistics Park includes up to 29 million square feet of additional development space to complement the 40 million square feet of existing space.

Both Norfolk Southern and CSX transverse the Southern Ohio region.


US 35, US 23, and SR 32 form a triangle connecting the Southern Ohio region to major east-west and north-south Interstates 70, 71, 64 and 77.

Southern Ohio is within a 10-hour drive of more than 50% of the US and Canadian populations. Trucks provide ready access to markets as far away as Oklahoma City; Birmingham, Alabama; Charleston, South Carolina; Richmond, Virginia; and Boston, Massachusetts.


The Port Columbus International Airport is the largest airport near the Southern Ohio region. It averages 367 aircraft operations daily, including over 100 commercial flights daily. The Huntington Tri-State Regional airport also provides local air service to the region.

In addition, each of the counties within the Southern Ohio region have an airport.


The Southern Ohio region abuts the Ohio River to the south, and as such, is part of the Tri-State Port Authority and the Port of Greater Cincinnati.  There are eight operating river ports in the region.   Contact the Southern Ohio Port Authority for information on all of the operating ports.

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