Port of Portsmouth, Ohio

Port of Portsmouth, Ohio is Part of an International Network

  • One of 10 river ports served by Norfolk Southern Class I rail
  • Truck access via U.S. Route 52, which is 1/10th of a mile from the port
  • Commodities include salt, steel, limestone, fertilizer, bauxite, ferro, ores, pig iron, sand, and other bulk products.
  • The Southern Ohio region abuts the Ohio River to the south and is part of the Tri-State Port Authority. There are eight operating river ports in the region, including three¬†river ports in Portsmouth (McGovney Ready Mix, SOPA-Inframetals, U.S. 52 Dock).
Port of Portsmouth

Southern Ohio Port Authority – InfraMetals Dock at the Port of Portsmouth

Port of Portsmouth

Central Ohio River Terminal at the Port of Portsmouth


Ports Served by NS Corp.

Sea, River and Lake ports served by NS Corp.

Norfolk Southern rail system map

Norfolk Southern rail system

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